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Not extension to be given for filing of Tax Returns, FBR

ISLAMABAD (Eshfak Mughal): The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has made it clear that the board is not considering to extend the last date for filing of income tax returns.

The FBR had fixed 30th Sept 2023 last date of submission of income tax returns in July 03, 2023. The Board has repeatedly informed the tax payers that the government will not extend the last date like past years.

No extension

On Thursday, the Spokesman of the FBR issued an official statement in this regard. “The Spokesman has indicated that the government has no mood to extend the date and Sept 30, 2023 will be last date.

He said that the the government is not going to extend the last date of filing of Returns. “FBR directs all Inland Revenue Commissioners to facilitate taxpayers in filing Returns and granting extension on case by case basis”, he said.

Taxpayers requests

On the other hand, sources told the Voice of Public, the Board is considering to extend the last date of filing of tax returns up to one month. The taxpayers and tax bars are repeatedly requesting to the Board to extend to timeline to facilitate the taxpayers who wants to become taxpayers in future, sources further claimed.

The FBR may extend the date up to 15 to 30th Oct 2023 for filing of income tax returns.

The public has reacted on the statement of the FBR on social media. Ammaz says 5 saal se yayhi sunte aare hain lmao. Don’t worry, we’ll wait for the extension. Screen shoting this as well to post it when it is fact extended. You might be a spokesperson, but someone else holds the strings. Cheers and happy filing!

Another social media user Asad Mehmood says ” the relevant law allows 90 extended days to the taxpayers to file their return after all the bugs & errors were removed. And the FBR has introduced a form which is error free in the current month”.

The FBR has assigned Rs7.4 trillion tax collection target for the current fiscal year. The Board is trying to take steps to widen the tax net.

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