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New Commerce Minister Gohar Ejaz vows to phaseout subsidy to loss making PSEs

ISLAMABAD (Eshfak Mughal): Dr. Gohar Ejaz officially assumes role as caretaker Federal Minister for Commerce & Industries, determine to propelling export to $ 80 Billion

ISLAMABAD: Renowned industrialist Dr. Gohar Ejaz, has officially taken the reins as the Caretaker Federal Minister for Commerce, marking a significant development in the country’s economic landscape.

In a comprehensive briefing, Mr. Ejaz was provided with a thorough understanding of the crucial functions and responsibilities entrusted to the Commerce Division and Industry.

With a visionary approach, Commerce Minister Gohar Ejaz has set forth ambitious goals for his tenure.

His resolute determination is aimed at propelling domestic exports to an impressive 80 billion dollars, reflecting his commitment to fortifying the nation’s economic prowess. “I am steadfast in my resolve to breathe new life into our commercial and industrial sectors,” Minister Ejaz affirmed.

Addressing the challenges that loom in the commercial sector, Minister Dr. Gohar Ejaz expressed his dedication to tackling complexities head-on.

He aimed to swiftly steer state enterprises towards profitability, demonstrating his adeptness at strategic decision-making in the pursuit of economic prosperity.

In a bid to foster innovation and industry growth, Gohar Ejaz revealed his plans to launch flagship projects within the Special Economic Zone, with a specific focus on the garments sector.

These initiatives are poised to stimulate economic activity, create employment opportunities, and further solidify the country’s position on the global economic stage.

During the comprehensive briefing, Dr. Gohar voiced concerns regarding subsidies granted to state-owned enterprises.

He emphasized his commitment to gradually phasing out these subsidies, a move that aligns with his overarching goal of streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring sustainable economic progress.

As Dr. Gohar Ejaz embarks on this new chapter as Caretaker Federal Minister for Commerce, his strategic vision and resolute determination promise to usher in a transformative era, reinvigorating the commercial and industrial landscape of the nation.

Mr. Ejaz’s appointment has been graciously accepted by the community, recognizing his extensive experience and unwavering dedication to the betterment of the nation.

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