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Census 2023: Population counting extended for 2nd time in select cities

ISLAMABAD (our reporter):- The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) on Monday extended the date of the ongoing digital census for the second time till April 15, said in a statement.

The date to complete work of the country’s seventh population census has been extended by the chief census commissioner in metropolitan cities including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Quetta, Gilgit, and Karachi or as the Sindh government deemed it appropriate, the PBS mentioned. 

It added that the census date has also been extended for 13 cities of Balochistan. This is the second time that the date for the population count has been extended. Earlier, the PBS extended its date till April 10.

According to the statement, the PBS the successful execution of the digital census is great success and it is a moment of great pride for the nation as it is the largest South Asian digital census to date. The overall progress of the census is very encouraging and satisfactory.

The Bureau has achieved that data of over 97% listed households has been successfully collected to date through tablets across the country and only less than 3% census field work left particularly in metropolitan cities of various provinces and other few cities of Baluchistan.

The census field work has been completed over 99% Punjab, 98% in Sindh, 90% in Islamabad and 82% in Baluchistan while the census work has almost been completed in KP and AJK. The census work has been completed 100% in 131 districts out of 156 districts across the country while 70 to 80% census work completed in remaining 25 districts and work is in progress.

It is pertinent to mention that work completion percentage may slightly increase after synchronization of data from some completed blocks which fall in offline zone. The completion of census work is over 97% across the country is landmark achievement and will pave the way of new era for prosperous Pakistan.   

  In order to complete the leftover census work and ensure the completed coverage, details of the cities along-with additional time required to complete remaining work was solicited from the provincial governments for extending the census operation on customized basis only for those cities where census work is yet to be completed.

Accordingly, the Chief Census Commissioner has extended the date to complete the remaining census work to ensure 100% coverage by 15th April, 2023 only for some metropolitan cities like Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Quetta, Gilgit, and Karachi or as the provincial Government of Sindh deem it appropriate. In addition to these big cities, census date also extended for 13 cities of Baluchistan.  

In case enumerators have not visited, citizens of Pakistan are being requested to inform PBS using the toll free number is 0800-57574 which will be functional 24/7.  The citizen can also send their complete address through SMS on 9727 for lodging complaints of non-coverage. They can also visit or contact PBS Reginal Offices or the 495 Census Support Center established at the tehsil level for lodgin their complaints regarding non-coverage.

  Simultaneously, the quality of data is being ensured through Post Enumeration Survey by using Computer Assisted Telephonic Interview (CATI) and the respected citizens are urged to extend cooperation with our team to verify their data through randomly generated calls through CATI.

The citizens of Pakistan being the most important stakeholders and beneficiary of the census are urged to ensure their full participation and cooperation with field staff visiting them and the call center officials who may call them for data verification for quality control, along with as well as lodge complaints of non-coverage if any.

Participation in the census is not only our moral, and legal obligation but also provides the opportunity for the government to develop evidence based policy planning for ensuring our rights and better service delivery at our doorstep.

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics is thankful to the nation and all the stakeholders for their tireless efforts and unwavering support to accomplish over 97% census field operation of this gigantic task of paramount importance for the informed and prudent policy and planning for a prosperous nation.

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