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FBR’ 23 officers/officials still in serving position despite removal or dismissed from service

ISLAMABAD (Eshfak Mughal):- As many as 47 officers/officials of Inland Revenue Service still are enjoying serving positions in the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) despite removal from service or compulsory retirement.

Former prime minister Imran Khan has converted major penalties of dismissed from service and removal from service to minor penalties of two officers and officials.

Sources in the FBR told the Voice of Public on Friday that at least 23 officers and officials of different grades are still enjoying servicing positions in the FBR who were imposed penalty of removal from service, dismissed from service or compulsory retirement from service from years. However, the 24 officials and officers including an officer of BS-21 were imposed minor penalty but authorities didn’t implement penalties   

The competent authority (Chairman FBR) has approved major penalty of removal from service of 12 officers and officials of Inland Revenue Service including upon Syeda Fatima Hussain (IRS/BS-19), Commissioner-IR (OPS), RTO, Rawalpindi on 03 June, 2021, Nadeem Ahmad Tahir Deputy CommissionerIR/BS-18 Large Taxpayers Office, Karachi on 16th Sept 2022, Muhammad Faisal Chaudary Deputy CommissionerIR/BS-18 Regional Tax Office, Lahore on 30th Sept 2022, Maqbool Ahmad, IRO (BS-16) Regional Tax Office, Faisalabadon 26th March 2021, Muhammad Absar Munir, Inspector-IR (BS16) Regional Tax Office, Faisalabad on  02.06.2022, Muhammad Shahzad Bashir, Inspector-IR (BS16) Intelligence & Investigation (IR), Faisalabad  on 02.08.2022, Sumaira Idrees Abbasi, In spector-IR (BS-16) Large Taxpayers Office, Karach on 08.09.2022, Sajjad Hussain, Inspector-IR (BS-16) Regional Tax Office, Multan on 04.10.2022, Subhash, Inspector-IR (BS-16) Regional Tax Office – II, Karachi on 06.10.2022, Humera Akbar, Inspector-IR (BS-16) Regional Tax Office, Islamabad on 26.10.2022, Mahjabeen Akhtar, Inspector-IR (BS-16) Regional Tax Office, Islamabad on 21.11.2022.

The competent authority has also approved the major penalty of compulsory retirement from service upon four officers and officials including Saniya Farrukh Deputy Director/BS-18 Directorate of Training and Research (ER) on 05.01.2023, Ghulam Hussain Chand Assistant Director (Audit) BS-18 on 07.04.2021, Syed Waqar Hassan, Assistant Director (Auidt) BS-18 Corporate Tax office, Karachi on 11.03.2022 and Javed Ahmad Chandio, Inspector-IR (BS-16) Regional Tax Office, Sukkur on 30.03.2022.

As many as nine officers and officials of Inland Revenue Service were imposed major penalty of dismissed from service including Rajabuddin (IRS/BS20), Director (Enforcement), FBR (HQ), on 28.07.2021, Tariq Mahmood Supervisor FBR (HQ) on 17.02.2023, Masud Humayun Assistant Director/BS-17 Additional Directorate of Internal Audit-IR, Gujranwala on 14.01.2022, Mehwish Mobeen, Inspector-IR (BS-16) Regional Tax Office, Gujranwala on 10.06.2021, Haroon Nazar, Inspector-IR (BS-I6) Regional Tax Office, Islamabad on 17.11.2021 and Mumtaz All Nizamani, Inspector-IR (BS-16) Regional Tax Office – II, Karachion  07.01.2022.

The report shows that former Prime Minister Imran Khan has converted major penalties into Minor Penalties of two officials as capacity of appellate Authority.  

The former Prime Minister has covertted the major penalty from dismissed from service to minor penalty of Withholding of two increments of two years without cumulative on Syed Zubair Shah (IRS/BS19), ADC1R, RTO, Abbottabad Secretary (Admin Pool), FBR (HQ), Islamabad effect on 29 Nov 2021

Muhammad Banff Sheikh (IRS/BS-19), Ex-ADCIR, RTO-II, Karachi ADCIR, RTO-II, Karachi was imposed major penalty of “Removal from Service. However, Prime Minister has converted the above penalty into major penalty of Compulsory Retirement from Service w.e.f 9th March 2022.

The HR Wing of the FBR has issued letter to all Chief Commissioners and Director Generals of the Field Formations in this regard on Friday.

According to the letter, the Competent Authority has taken serious view of the instances where penalty has been imposed but field formations have not implemented/given effect to the same.

This practice not only vitiated the very spirit of the entire E&D proceedings but also wasted the man hours spent on it, said in the letter.

In view of the above, a list of officers upon whom penalties were imposed pertaining to various field formations/ FBR with the request that documentary evidence (e.g. field formations notifications of reduction in pay and allowances, stoppage of ID allowance and pay slips after change etc., as the case may be) may be furnished to the Board for perusal of the Competent Authority latest by 15.03.2023 to ascertain that the penalty imposed on Officer/Official was enforced in letter and spirit.

It is the responsibility of the Head of a formation to ensure that the penalty imposed on officers/officials is given effect/implemented well in time under intimation to the Board, said in the letter.

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