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Utility Stores announce increase in prices of dozens of items

The Utility Stores Corporation have increased the prices of several branded items including spices, salt, pickles, shoe polish, toothpaste, and packaged milk among others after price hiking by suppliers.

According to the official rates list approved by the Utility Stores Corporation (USC) effective today, all 4,000+ utility stores will now sell various food items and other categories of items at the revised rates.

The price of toothpaste has been increased by up to Rs. 20 to as high as Rs. 278, while the price of milk has soared by up to Rs. 20.

The price of salt has been jacked by Rs. 20, body lotion by Rs. 80, and fruit jam by Rs. 45. The price of biryani masala has surged by Rs. 10 while macaroni saw an increase of up to Rs. 45 and noodles by Rs. 35.

According to the price revisions, the rates of shoe polish have been revised upward by Rs. 35, ketchup by up to Rs. 80, face cream by up to Rs. 50, beverages by Rs. 60, glass cleaning liquid by up to Rs. 100, ghee by up to Rs. 400, and custard by up to Rs. 73.

Clothes, dishwashing soaps, pickles, spaghetti, almond oil, Rooh Afza, Jam-e-Shirin, pudding, garlic paste, fruits, and surf have also become more expensive.

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