Petrol Pumps’ owners to go on strike against low profit margin


ISLAMABAD (Eshfak Mughal):- The Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association didn’t reverse the decision to close the petrol pumps countrywide despite the government has announced that the demands have been forwarded for getting approval.

The Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association (PPDA) had announced earlier in the day to go on a countrywide strike from tomorrow (November 25) to register their protest at what they call “low-profit margins”. They believe that the present ratio of the profit margin on oil products fixed by the government is very low and they can’t carry on their business any more at this margin rate.

The government came in action to tackle tha situation and issued a statement by the Energy Ministry at evening. “Petrol pumps will remain open. A case has been sent to Economic Coordination Committee in this regards”, said in the statement.

However, the association did not say that they will go on strike or not. Earlier they said that they will go on strike at any cost. If the authorities want to cancel their licenses, they can do because most of the members don’t want to carry on their business at this situation.

“Petrol pumps of all companies including PSO, Shell, and Total will remain open across the country tomorrow,” the spokesperson of the ministry said

“People don’t need to worry,” the spokesperson said, adding that the ministry is making efforts for a reasonable increase in the margin for oil marketing companies and dealers.

He further stated that the federal cabinet’s decision in this regard is expected in 10 days..

The spokesperson further stated that oil tankers have been dispatched for ensuring the uninterrupted oil supply throughout the country.

Meanwhile, Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) directed the petroleum marketing companies to ensure an uninterrupted supply of petroleum goods as the authority took notice of the closure of petrol pumps.

Action will be taken against the elements involved in placing obstacles in the supply, said in the statement.

OGRA spokesman said that some elements are trying to disrupt the supply of petroleum products but the OGRA enforcement teams will monitor the situation in the field.

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