Smoking trend in children enters in dangerous level, expert believe


ISLAMABAD (our reporter):- Everyday 1200 children start smoking and 170,000 people die due to tobacco related diseases in Pakistan.

This was stated by Mr. Shariq Khan CEO, Chromatic Trust, in a statement. He said that most essential commodities have become significantly expensive but sadly, the prices of tobacco products remain stagnant.

Mr. Shariq Khan further said that Tobacco Control is not the most attractive topic to people, neither to policy makers, nor to researchers and medical professionals, however, it is key for the welfare of a nation.

He further said that our campaign through digital media demonstrates that the effort we put in tobacco control does matter and is recognized and appreciated by our society and hopefully this will engage even more people in the issues of tobacco control and together we could rally towards the common objective to uproot the tobacco epidemic.

He said that Chromatic Trust collaborating with educational institutions particularly universities where we show a detailed documentary to students which helps them to educate about the dangers of tobacco use and to motivate them not to use tobacco through positive health messages.

Mr. Shariq Khan said that for too long the tobacco industry had manipulated users, particularly cigarette smokers, by luring them into the habit at an early age and fostering their addiction. But now, the public is beginning to understand the addictive nature of tobacco. That knowledge has empowered them to take a stand against those who are promoting tobacco use.

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