Pakistan rejects “The Economist”‘s report on inflation


ISLAMABAD (economic correspondent):- Pakistan’s Finance Ministry has rejected the report of “The Economist magazine” on inflation and said that according to the report Pakistan stands on 30th instead of 4th number.

The spokesman of the ministry has issued a statement in this regard. He said, “The Economist magazine has reported in its latest edition set of countries (43) without mentioning the exact comparison of Pakistan with similar economies. As per the Economist sheet, the months mentioned in CPI are not the same (August & September). Base is different.

 The spokesman also issued a table to convince that Pakistan stands on thirtieth instead of number four.

He said that the following table indicates the inflation numbers according to which Pakistan stands at the 30th place in the world.

1.       Venezuela19462344
2.       Sudan366388
3.       Lebanon138 (Aug/ 21)123 (Jul /21)
4.       Syria71.51 (May/20)61.18 (Apr/20)
5.       Suriname59.8 (Aug/21)58.9 (Jul/21)
6.       Argentina52.551.4
7.       Zimbabwe51.5550.24
8.       Iran43.743.2
9.       Ethiopia34.830.4
10.  Angola26.5726.09
11.  Zambia22.124.4
12.  Turkey19.5819.25
13.  South Sudan18.3 (Jun/21)14 (May/21)
14.  Nigeria16.6317.01
15.  Kyrgyzstan13.514
16.  Guinea13.48 (Aug/21)12.28 (Jul/21)
17.  Georgia12.312.8
18.  Haiti12.2 (Jul/21)12.7 (Jun/21)
19.  Ukraine1110.2
20.  Sierra Leone10.9 (Aug/21)10.5 (Jul/21)
21.  Uzbekistan10.811.1
22.  Ghana10.69.7
23.  Burundi10.47 (Aug/21)9.7 (Jul/21)
24.  Brazil10.259.68
25.  Belarus10.29.8
26.  Turkmenistan10 (Dec/20)13.4 (Nov/20)
27.  Seychelles9.810.51
28.  Mongolia9.68.9
29.  Tajikistan9.4 (Aug/21)9.1(Jul/21)
30.  Pakistan8.988.35
31.  Armenia8.98.8
32.  Kazakhstan8.98.7
33.  Malawi8.98.4
34.  Sao Tome and Principe8.8 (Aug/21)6.9 (Jul/21)
35.  Botswana8.48.8
36.  Dominican Republic7.747.9
37.  Guyana7.63 (Aug/21)7.7 (Jul/21)

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