Afghani and Pakistani Protests against war crime


ISLAMABAD: Civil society activists, religious clerks, and students have criticized the illegal killing of 39 individuals and kids in Afghan by the Australian Army.

In a demonstration held at Kuri road, main highway Islamabad, the protestors alleged that the act was a serious war crime. Holding placards and banners emblazoned with slogans against the Australian Army, the protestors asked the international community to take action against this brutal step. They said the official apology that the Australian Army and the government have tendered is not enough.

Afghan specialists have portrayed the murdering of regular folks – including kids – by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan as brutality, said Muhammad Ahsam Akani

The Geneva Conventions comprise four treaties and three additional protocols that establish international law standards for humanitarian treatment in war.

As the outcome of World War-II, the Geneva Convention was marked that set up the principles of worldwide law for philanthropic treatment in war. In the arrangement, wartime detainees’ fundamental privileges for regular folks and military faculty set up securities for the injured and debilitated and set up assurances for the common citizens in and around a combat area.

The Protestors demanded that the Australian official involved, in it including Prime Minister and Chief ofstaff,should step down. They said the Australian government should give compensation to the families who lost their loved ones as compensation.

“The United Nations should pass a resolution against the Australia and all other international human rights organizations’ brutal act should raise voice respectively against the killing,” Imran protestor demanded.

He further said that killing civilians and children is a serious war crime, and the soldiers who are involved should be seriously punished because this crime stanches by Australian soldiers is unforgettable.

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