Meghan Markle’s ‘horrific character assassination’ analyzed in court


Meghan Markle’s ‘horrific character assassination’ analyzed in court

Meghan Markle was reportedly ‘horrified’ at the sight of her character being assassinated and branded as ‘pseudoscience’ in court.

Justin Rushbrooke QC, Meghan’s attorney shed light on her reaction during a recent hearing and admitted that anyone with ordinary sensibility” would feel “horrified” if their handwritten letter was used in such a mean way.

According to Express, Mr. Rushbrooke even argued that royal expert Emma Bache’s work was “derogatory” towards Markle.

For those unversed, the expert wrote at the time, “Meghan shows a highly stylised and slow handwriting. She is ultra cautious, is well aware that the world has their eyes on her and that is just how she likes it.”

“This is not a spontaneous or intellectually creative woman but a consummate performer and strategist. There is a strong right slant and her letters have often been retraced. There is enormous emotion as well as energy but she is both self-aware and self-orientated.”

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