Shakira’s bouncy ‘Girl Like Me’ dance goes viral on TikTok


Shakira’s bouncy ‘Girl Like Me’ dance sparked a challenge on TikTok as thousands of users trying to imitate the singer’s killer moves.

The fans set floors ablaze as they tried to match steps to the infectious new Black Eyed Peas and Shakira song. The videos will set your holiday mood right .

The fans are going gaga to imitate the killer moves of the singer after the challenge kicked off this week.

The clip has racked up more than 40 million views since the video dropped on Friday.

Shakira has been named the top trending artist in the US in 2020, according to Google’s Search List.

Shakira showed of her skater skills in Black Eyed Peas ‘Girl Like Me’ music video to her 10 million-plus TikTok followers.

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