German woman gives away $7.5 million to neighbours before her death


A woman counts US dollar bills at her home in Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 28, 2018. REUTERS/Marcos Brindicci/Files

BERLIN: In the present world, when nobody wants to willingly part with even a single penny, to any other person, a woman in Germany shocked everyone by giving away property worth $7.5 million to her neighbours before her death.

Renate Wedel, a woman from Berlin, died in December 2019 at a nursing home in Frankfurt at the age of 81.

For 40 years, she had lived with her husband Alfred, in a small village in the Waldsolms district.

Alfred, who died in 2014, was in investing in stocks, said a statement from the district.

He left a substantial amount and other valuables, which were transferred to his wife Renate.

Renate’s sister was her only original heir, who had already died, and all the the assets were passed along to her community Waldsolms.

However, this remained unknown to all and the district administration revealed a few months ago that Renate had stated in her will before her death that all her assets, including cash at bank, shares, property and other valuables should be distributed among her neighbours.  

The district administration informed the neighbours that the inheritance would be used for “community facilities and infrastructure.”

“We will deal with it very responsibly, develop our community for the benefit of all and keep an honorable memory of both,” said the district’s statement.

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