ISLAMABAD (Ishtiaq Mughal):- The PTI Govt has trashed to the all projects of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and SUPARCO by re-prioritizing the PSDP of the current fiscal year.

The Prime Minister Imran Khan led PTI Government has allocated Rs.24.45 billion for the development projects of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission in the Public Sector Development Programme of the current fiscal year. The Govt has been released Rs.4.27 billion so far out of the total allocations of the projects. It has also released Rs3.6 billion for the Karachi Coastal Power Project (unit 1 & 2).

The Govt also allocated Rs.6 billion for the different development projects of the SUPARCO. Out of which, the Govt has been released Rs.466 million so far for this.

Mostly development projects of the PAEC were related to atomic energy and research in this sector. The Govt has trashed the PSDP of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and SUPARCO at a time when there was direly need to reduce indigenous and cheaper power prices.

Although the Government has authority to reallocate and transfer to the PSDP.

The Govt has also shifted the Merged Districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa from the Ministry of Finance to Special program under the Prime Minister. Now, seven Special programme are part of the PSDP which were six in last month. The Government had allocated Rs24 billion including Rs.22.73 billion from local resources for the current fiscal year. The Govt has already Rs.4.34 billion released the funds for the programme. The Government has also given two projects of expo centers in Peshawar and Quetta to the Ministry of Commerce from Finance Ministry.

During the current fiscal year, the Govt has issued Rs 160.58 billion up to 11th Oct 2019 during the current fiscal year. The Government released Rs.129.64 billion from local resources while it has been received Rs.30 billion from foreign component during the fiscal year.

The PTI Govt has allocated Rs 701 billion including Rs 572.7 billion from local resources and Rs. 128.3 billion for the current fiscal year.