ISLAMABAD (A. F. Kakar): Election Commission of Pakistan ECP heard the case proceeding regarding the leakage of information of scrutiny committee in PTI foreign funding case.

A three member bench headed by Chief Election Commissioner Justice (retired) Sardar Muhammad Raza heard ruling party foreign funding case.

Akber S. Babar is talking his counsel Ahmed Hassan

Petitoner Akber S. Babar counsel Ahmed Hassan and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf counsel Saqlain Haider appeared before the ECP.

PTI counsel was arguing that the scrutiny committee proceeding leaked and four applications submitted before the ECP. “We demanded that the scrutiny committee proceeding shouldn’t disclose the information to media” he added.

At this, CEC Sardar Muhammad Raza remarked that the how scrutiny committee responsible if anything on-aired on media.

Saqlain replied that we never blame on scrutiny committee while ECP point out the wrongdoer. He also produced before the ECP private news TV program transcript.

CEC Sardar Raza asked petitioner counsel Ahmed Hassan, these 23 bank accounts details was provided by the State Bank of Pakistan.

Ahmed Hassan replied that the SBP also given the information regarding 23 bank accounts and said that PTI own people disclosed the information regarding party accounts in media program.

ECP heard both the parties’ arguments and reserved the case proceeding verdict. ECP has adjourned the case and will announce the reserved verdict on October 10.

After the case proceeding, Akber S. Babar talked to media and said that the PTI has tried to escape from scrutiny committee. He criticized the ruling party and expressed that PTI hide party accounts detail.

Akber Babar reaffirmed that the State Bank of Pakistan has also submitted party accounts in ECP, adding that PTI received foreign funds from America, Denmark, Australia and UAE.

PTI Finance Secretary Sardar Azhar Tariq is talking to media

PTI Finance Secretary Sardar Azhar Tariq also talked to media and rejected all the allegation and said Akber S. Babar has leaked the proceeding of scrutiny committee in media.

A founding member of the PTI, Akbar S Babar, had filed case against the party in the ECP in November 2014 after his termination from party. He had claimed that the party is getting funds from abroad. Under the law, no political party can get single penny from abroad.

ECP has also decided to resume hearing of the foreign funding case from October 1, 2019 after eighteen months.

The ECP had also adjourned hearing in March 2018 after formation of a special committee. The ECP had also given mandate to the committee to scrutinize the allegations levelled by petitioner against the party. It is yet to be confirmed whether the committee has completed its task or not.

 Before that, almost three years, the PTI didn’t produce party accounts to the ECP for examining and used delaying tactics.