BAGHDAD: Asian Parliamentary Standing Committee three day session has concluded in Baghdad today and Pakistani delegation raised the issue of Kashmir.

Senator Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif headed the three member’s delegation of Senate of Pakistan, including Senator Sajjad Hussain Turi and Sana Jamali.

On the occasion, Senator Muhammad Ali Saif expressed his view that the people of IHK were being subjected to brutal torture and humiliation.

He said the global community must take notice of the high handedness of Indian forces. 

He said, Asian Parliamentary Standing Committee, has observed that the whole Asian region is in the limelight due to terrorism, political instability, economic downfall and poverty. 

“The leadership of Asian region has to come forward, shunning differences, to pave the way for peace, stability and economic growth of the region”, he said.    

Senator Muhammd Ali Saif also observed that Modi has committed crime against humanity and all his efforts has destined to fail. 

He said that Pakistan also wants peaceful solution to the issue according to the UN resolutions. 

During his speech, the delegates from India also try to interrupt, however, Barrister Saif effectively resisted Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir.

The participants has also been acknowledging the Pakistani stance due to resulting in embarrassing situation for the Indian side. 


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