ISLAMABAD (Our correspondent): Pakistan needs to popularize its political narrative over Kashmir dispute. The foreign office must proactively engage with international forums for resolution of Kashmir issue.

Barrister Naseem Ahmed Bajwa’s book Declassified: British Secret Documents, Diplomatic Communication Relating to Pakistan”, launched today. The Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) organized the launching ceremony.

The author compiled the book with communications of Pakistan based British diplomats with their Foreign Office during 1979-80. This book is the first volume of a series. Next editions of this book will publish in future.

Barrister Naseem Ahmed Bajwa 

Barrister said these archives are like a mirror in which the countrymen can clearly see the face of their leaders. “No sugar coating of facts, no exaggeration, no expression of bias or prejudice”, he said.

He also said that he added these archives are factually accurate, candid, reliable, concise and close to truth as possible.

He said international powers have now more grip, control and influence over the policy matters of Pakistan. Pakistan’s needs to popularize its political narrative, especially over Kashmir dispute. It needs to play more proactive role at international front to get support of the world, he remarked. 

Muzaffar Mehmood Qureshi

Former Federal Secretary said this book is record of the British Government’s views about Pakistan during the period, It also covers daily, weekly and monthly developments of political, economic, sociological and strategic importance during the period.

“The book captures the gravity of the situation and provides analytical understating of the events”, he said. The book also is extremely useful and provides informative narrative. All academics and professionals should use it for their better understanding and interpreting of the past events.

Dr. Muhammad Riaz Shad

Associate Professor, International Relations, NUML, Islamabad said that this book is different from the traditional common style of books, as it has rich information and analysis about the secret communications of British diplomats in Pakistan to their government. He also said the book carries two important values including authentic primary data from the British official archives and other is specific time dimension i.e. 1979-80, which enhanced credibility of the book. This book is also interplay of domestic, regional and international politics, which provides the authentic source of reference and a valuable contribution in the literature, he added. 


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