ISLAMABAD: Senator Rehman Malik has strongly condemned the unprecedented cruelties and atrocities by Modi government in Indian held Kashmir.

Indian PM Narendra Modi is a brute and scar on the face of humanity who is shedding the blood of innocent Kashmiris ruthlessly. He was addressing the Senate of Pakistan session on Friday.

He said that under PM Modi direct instructions, the Indian Forces are committing unprecedented brutalities in terms of mass murders.

Senator A. Rehman Malik said that such serious crimes against humanity make Narendra Modi liable to be trialed under the Rome Statute of ICC.

He also announced that he shall be going along with Huriyyat leaders from Kashmir in International Criminal Court against Modi.

Senator Rehman Malik said that United Nations has also failed to implement its own resolutions on Kashmir. He added that so far United Nations 11 Resolutions have also passed.

Rehman Malik also expressed that the revoking of Articles 370 and 35-A is in also violation of 11 UNSC Resolutions on Kashmir. Kashmir status cannot changed according to the UN resolutions, he said.

He expressed that since August 5th twenty five days passed yet our government couldn’t filed a case in International Criminal Court against India.


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