ISLAMABAD (Ahmed Mughal):- The World Bank President David Malpass is schedule to visit Pakistan in the first week of November.

Mr. Patchamuthu Illangovan, Country Director, World Bank in Pakistan has met with Advisor to Finance Dr Hafeez Shaikh in Islamabad.

Dr Shaikh has said Pakistan is pursuing a growth-oriented programme for institutional reforms. He also said the technical and financial assistance from the World Bank is vital for Pakistan economy.

Mr Illangovan told the Advisor about the upcoming visit of World Bank President David Malpass to Pakistan. He said the Chief will visit in the first week of November. The country Director also convey a strong desire from the World Bank management to work with Pakistan to drive institutional reforms and support the growth agenda of the government through any technical or financial assistance required from the Bank.

Illangovan told the Adviser that the World Bank could work on any financial arrangement looking at the objective need and assessment of the policy matrix as the Bank was very supportive of the institutional reforms being undertaken by the government of Pakistan in different sectors of the economy.

He also briefed the Adviser on ongoing discussions with the Ministry of Finance on two policy-based lending operations. These operations to provide budgetary support to Pakistan. He also that World Bank will finalize the operations by December, 2019. Both leaders also discussed about the World Bank’s ongoing portfolio of US$9.00 billion. They also firm up of Pakistan’s delegation to attend the annual meetings of IMF/WBG, The annual meeting will take place during October, 2019.

Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh welcomed World Bank President’s upcoming visit to Pakistan and hoped the visit would lead to opening of greater avenues for more productive engagement between the World Bank and Pakistan.


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