ISLAMABAD (Diplomatic Reporter):- Pakistan warned to international community that the humanitarian crisis is looming in Indian Occupied Kashmir due to shortage of food.

The Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal addressed a weekly news conference here in Islamabad. He said India has converted the occupied valley into the largest prison in the history of mankind with the ongoing curfew and communications blackout .

He said Indian government has stationed over nine hundred thousand troops in the valley. The occupational forces are not allowing besieged population to get access to any form of communication. He said a humanitarian crisis is looming as occupied Kashmir is facing the shortage of food and medicines.

The spokesperson said Trump’s consistent engagement is a manifestation of his interest in the resolution of Kashmir dispute.

He said that the demonstrations around the world against Modi government’s policies will continue until lifting the curfew.

Dr Faisal also said Pakistan is considering all options on Kashmir. Pakistan was holding consultations for approaching the International Court of Justice (ICJ) over the widespread human rights abuses in occupied Kashmir, he further said. The spokesperson said India can’t impose curfew in the occupied territory for an indefinite period.

He said several countries have offered mediation on Kashmir dispute but Pakistan cannot move forward unless India agrees to it.

The spokesperson expressed concerns over the closure of social media accounts which are supporting the Kashmir cause. He said Pakistan will take up the issue with the relevant authorities.

Dr Muhammad said Pakistan is however concerned over the outfit’s rise in neighboring Afghanistan.

The spokesperson also said Pakistan has sincerely supported international efforts for peace and stability in Afghanistan.


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