ISLAMABAD (Ahmed Mughal):. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has portrayed a rosy picture in one year performance report presented to Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister Imran Khan has sought one year performance report to every department and ministry last month. On the completion of first year of PTI Government, it did public the performance report of 82 pages on 18th August.

According to the report, FBR has portrayed a rosy picture before Prime Minister and presented 40 achievements during last year. Contrary of the ground situation, it did not mention its any challenge and failure.

The FBR didn’t mention in the report that it has faced the highest shortfall in tax revenue. It had collected only Rs.3.8 trillion against the original target Rs.4.4 trillion in fiscal year 2018-19.

The FBR has also only present partial figures of tax collections in July 2019 instead of last fiscal year. It has told the Prime Minister that the IR-Operation Wing has collected Rs 234 billion which is Rs.2 billion less than assign target for July 2019. How much it has received from customs, it did not mention in the report as it has faced short fall of almost Rs.12 billion.

The FBR has tried to get credit to increase in numbers of taxpayers in the country during one year. The authority has succeeded to expand tax net from 1.4 million to 2.4 million in one year.

The Board told PM that it has identified 6451 high net worth cases on the bases of economic transaction. It has been trying to deal the cases on fast track processing and 2989 returns has been enforced.

The FBR showed 15 achievements in customs operations and 7 in strategic planning reforms. It has also showed 7 achievements in information technology and three performance management delivery unites.


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