ISLAMABAD (our correspondent):- The British Government has appointed Dr Christian Turner as High Commissioner for Pakistan.

Dr Christian Turner to Mr Thomas Drew how is serving as British High Commissioner for Pakistan from last three year. According to the statement, Dr Christian Turner will take responsibilities in Dec 2019.

The British High Commission also share biography of new Envoy for Pakistan. The statement told that he has married with Claire Turner and have to kids.

He is also serving as Prime Minister’s International Affairs Adviser and Deputy National Security Adviser since 2017. During 2016-17, he also served as  FCO, Director-General Middle-East and North Africa, and Africa and acting Political Director (2017). In 2016, he was also  FCO, Director, London Syria Conference

2012 – 2016                            Nairobi, British High Commissioner

2009 – 2012                            FCO, Director, Middle-East and North Africa

2008 – 2009                            FCO, Deputy Director, Middle-East and North Africa

2007 – 2008                            Cabinet Office, Director, Middle-East, North Africa and North America, Overseas and Defence Secretariat

2007                                        No.10, Private Secretary to the Prime Minister

2006 – 2007                            FCO roles including project work in Middle-East and North Africa Directorate and for the Special Representative for Climate Change

2003 – 2006                            Washington, First Secretary, Energy and Environment.

1998 – 2003  Cabinet Office, roles including Deputy Team Leader in Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit. He also served as Private Secretary to the Minister of State, and Secretary to the Economic and Domestic Committees of Cabinet.


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