ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan called Iranian President Hassan Rouhani today, as part of his outreach to world leaders on grave situation in Kashmir.

The Prime Minister underlined that the Indian forces has continued the massive killing in IOK.

He told India took action in a bid to change the internationally recognised disputed status of Occupied Jammu & Kashmir. This act was violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

PM Khan stressed that the international community must act urgently to prevent the impending calamity.

He apprised the Iranian leader of Pakistan’s repeated calls and efforts.

PM Khan urging India to resolve this 7-decades old dispute through peaceful means.

President Hassan Rouhani, while underlining that all possible efforts must be made to keep the regional tensions low.

He also stressed that the Muslims of Kashmir must be able to use their legal rights and interests to be able to live in peace.

Iranian President also expressed his concerns over the atrocities and killing of innocent people in Occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

Prime Minister Imran Khan also appreciated Iran’s principled stance on the Kashmir issue.

Iranian leadership’s consistently strong voice in support of the rights and wellbeing of the people of Kashmir, he added.

Both leaders agreed that no military solution existed to resolve this long-standing dispute.

In the bilateral context, the two leaders expressed satisfaction at the progress made in further strengthening of relations between Pakistan and Iran, especially following the visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to Iran in April.


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