ISLAMABAD (Ahmed Mughal): The inflation grew by 10.34 percent under the Imran led PTI govt in the country after Nov 2019. Skyrocketing inflation witnessed mainly due to heavy taxation introduced in the budget, agreed with the IMF team to secure its loan program.

According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) issued data of CPI on July 2019 on Thursday.

According to the data, CPI inflation grew by 10.34 percent during July 2019 as against same month of last year. During the period, prices of food increased by 7.88 percent, alcohol beverage and tobacco increased by 8.06 percent.

The data showed that the gas prices increased by 134 percent, garlic 75 percent and onion by 59 percent. The prices of moong pulse grew by 47.63 percent, Gold 35.99 percent, CNG 33.32 percent during the month. Sugar increased by 30.72%, Car 25.54%, Cigarettes 24.67%, Pulse Mash 22.27%, and Petrol prices increased by 22.53%. The prices of Potatoes increased by 21.07%, Pulse Gram by 12.30%, High Speed Diesel by 12.29%, Beef by 12.04%. The electricity increased by 11.33%, Motorcycle by 10.69%, Wheat Flour by 10.42% and Bread Plain (9.33%. The cement increased by 10.05%, Kerosene Oil by 9.91% and house rent increased by 6.15% during the period.

The data showed the prices of gas increased by 30.9 percent, potatoes by 16.86 percent, car by 14.43 percent, cement by 12.72 percent, iron bar 1⁄2 by 12.47 pecent, gold by 9.73 percent, CNG by 8.88 percent, pulse moong by 5.41 percent, Eggs by 5.06 percent, pulse mash by 4.50 percent, bricks by 4.13 percent, Bread Plain by 3.64 percent, Wheat Flour by 3.57percent, electricity by 2.63 percent, house rent 1.99 percent and Milk Fresh
by 1.46 percent.


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