ISLAMABAD (our Correspondent):- Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Social Welfare Sania Nishtar said Ehsaas program is important to bring the marginalized areas into mainstream.

Addressing press conference here in Sunday, she said Ehsaas program has been developed under the principles of state of Madinah.

She said the govt will is considering to double the amount for social protection in the next budget. BISP teams are conducting a survey across the country for recipients of Ehsaas program, she added.

On BISP, she said also the govt is introducing integrated reforms in the program. It will introduce new payment mechanism by October this year, she also said.

She said poor women will get mobile phones and bank accounts as part of increasing financial literacy.

Sania Nishtar said Prime Minister will inaugurate interest free loan scheme in the last week of this month. The govt will allocate Rs5 billion for this program in the coming budget, she also stated. She said under this scheme eighty thousand people will get interest free loans every month.

The Special Assistant said the govt will launch Asset Transfer Scheme under the Ehsas program. She added that the govt will provide sewing machines and agricultural tools to the poor segments of the society.

The special assistant said that PTI govt will form policies for better education, health and nourishment of children to increase human capital in the country.

Sania also said implementation of Ehsass program is prime agenda of the government. The govt will achieve the target of the program coordination among 26 departments and all provinces.

Sania also said the govt will give scholarships to almost seven million women. It will also give facility of opening bank accounts and mobile handsets to manage their accounts.


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