Chacha Cricket to receive Global Sports Fans Award


MANCHESTER (our correspondent):- The Chacha Cricket along with four others to receive the most prestigious Global Sports Fan Awards on 14th June.

The Global Sports Fan Awards on June 14 at Manchester will honor the iconic Pakistani fan along with four greatest fans from four different countries.

Chacha Cricket along with Bangladesh’s fan ‘Tiger’ Shoyab Ali and Sri Lanka’s Gayan Senanayaka will also receive the Awards 2019. Two Indian super fans Sudhir Kumar Gautam and Sugumar Kumar will also receive the award.

‘Chacha Cricket’ is the most experienced and oldest fan among the global awardees with five decades of fan stint. While Ali has been cheering for Bangladesh for the past nine years. Sri Lanka’s Senanayaka started his journey as a fan when he was 17-years-old and first attended the World Cup in 1996.

Speaking on the occasion, Chacha Cricket said after five decades of Cricket frenzy madness I am overwhelmed to get my first global recognition. This is an emotional moment for me. I would like to also thank my family and all well wishers who stood beside me. Also inundated to stoke the fandom across Cricket playing nations,” he said.

He also said that it’s been 50 years since I have stood tall for my team cheering louder & higher. But this award has justified all my cheers and tears that have seen emotions & sacrifices.

“I am so honored to receive the first ever Global Sports Fan Awards. I have spent my life for the cause of my passion and goodness of Cricket,” he added.

Chacha cricket belongs to Sialkot, who attended his first match in 1969 at Lahore. He is the most experienced fan who has seen pitches of the stadium and players.

He witnessed 300+ international matches with slogans and cheering in the stadium across the world.


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