ISLAMABAD (Ahmed Mughal):- Chairman FBR Shabbar Zaidi barred taxmen to raid on the premises of taxpayer without prior permission of Chairman and Member Operation after the meeting with FPCCI delegation. He also barred them to delist from the active taxpayer list without prior interaction with the owner of the business.


The Chairman FBR Shabbar Zaidi sent a circular to all field formation in this regard on Tuesday.

In the circular, Shabbar said the taxmen will not raid on premises of any existing taxpayer. He said that to do that, they have to get approval of Member (IR-operation) and Chairman.

Shabbar ordered that if there are evidences of economic transaction which is chargeable to tax and the organization or entity is not a tax registered person then officer will report it to the Member Operation and chairman FBR. They will provide necessary direction for future course of action.

He also instructed the FBR officials that they will not suspend to any active taxpayer from active taxpayer list. They have to prior approval from the Chairman and Member Operation.

He also said they will not do so unless there is personal interaction with CEO/owner 24 hours before suspension.

The chairman also ordered to the officials they must send the list of all cases of suspension to Chairman FBR and Member Operation. They have to share the reasons of suspension and evidence of personal interaction as discussed above.

FPCCI meeting with Shabbar Zaidi

Earlier, the FPCCI delegation met with him in his office and discussed the problems of the traders.

The FPCCI issued a statement today after the meeting with chairman FBR.

According to the statement, the President FPCCI discussed various measures and proposals particularly for enhancement in number of tax payers. The president further said that misuse of powers of the taxmen is creating trust deficit, said in the statement.

The Chairman FBR Shabbar Zaidi said that now there would be no raid and harassment to the tax payers. He reiterated that he will give due respect to the tax payers. FBR would not expose to any active taxpayer as non-active in case of any delay in payment of tax. He reaffirmed that no bank account will be freezed without prior intimation and notice to bank account holder and FBR will devise a mechanism in this regard. 

The FBR Chief further said that the real estate is fast growing sector of the economy. FBR will also devise various reforms in this regard.


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